Thursday, March 10, 2011

Game ON!

Game rooms are sooooo important!

Seriously! If you have kids, you know that  a place to store all  things kids related including the kids is critical to your sanity!  Making these rooms fun AND functional is my mission!!  I love taking a totally unorganized chaos pit and turning it in to a room you all LOVE!

Most of the time after a re-vamp, the kids actually want to bring their friends over and even make an effort to keep it clean.

Here are some of my favorites!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

She loves me, She loves me not.....

Being stuck inside on a icy February day has it's perks.  Besides the fact that I haven't made it out of my PJ's, it's given me a chance to catch up on my blog.  Life has been busy since our last chat.....a good thing for an interior designer!!

I'm also doing a little daydreaming about SPRING!  According to our groundhog guru, it may be coming early this year.  One of my favorite things about Spring (besides my birthday month -- MARCH in case you are wondering) is flowers.  I LOVE them in vases, in pots, flower beds and on walls.  Maybe I am a flower-addict.  
Flowers never go out of style.  Why??  They’re happy, bright and waft with fabulous smells. Not only are they a perfect way to tell someone you love them (hint, hint) but they also make walls POP!  I never get tired of putting the petal to the metal in kid’s spaces. Because there are sooooo many unique fabulous flowers, every room can bloom with style!!
Here are some of my favorite Flower Power rooms!!

Peace * Love * Flowers