Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kick it Up a Notch!

When girls hit that magical age of 10 they are all looking to kick things up a notch in their rooms -- I love Reeses' fab update that shows her love of art and color!  She loves to create her own art and has a sassy personality to pull it off.  I love Violet and have been dying to pair it with royal blue and turquoise.  The combination is STUNNING!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Take the Waaaahhhhh out of Nursery Design!!

Babies.   Cute, Cuddly....they drool alot:)  But, many of them have rooms that make ME want to drool.  I love nursery design.  It's so rewarding working with a nesting mom-to-be on creating the perfect place to welcome her dream come true in to the family home.  Most moms have a vision of the perfect place for their newborn and being part of the process is a real gift!  Whether you are expecting a bouncing baby boy or sweet as sugar baby girl, nursery design should be a rewarding and fun part of what to expect when you are expecting.

Miss Me?

Have you missed our blog?? (please say yes)  What a busy year we had.  The blog took a backseat to cool new clients and fab projects.  But, I've missed my blog peeps!! (picture me begging for forgiveness)  I'm back on it and have many fun things to share.  Look out 2012 Cheap Thrills is back in the house!!