Monday, January 12, 2009

Give Me Space!!!

When I was a little girl, my mom and I bonded by re-decorating my room. It was a blast because, with my mom, nothing was really off limits.  (she was a cool mom) 

Kids are fearless decorators who gravitate to bold color and wild accessories. They don’t know “the rules”, so there are no limits to their boundless imaginations.  They sometimes think so far out of the box that you may have to rein them in a bit. 

A savvy teen client adamantly wanted orange and green walls in his room.  His mom didn’t really think the scheme jived and asked him where he had seen those colors together. “Duh! A Gatorade bottle,” he said.  Inspiration is everywhere especially if you're open to it ! His room was awesome. Gatorade green walls with vibrant orange rectangles – very geometric and hip. Just goes to show maybe we just need to give kids their spaces. I'm throwing all my design mags out and looking for design inspirtation in the drink cooler at 7-11. 

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