Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fabulous, Fancy and Four!!

I LOVE the books about Fancy Nancy and all of her fabulous fancy exploits.  She is always looking for a way to bling out her room, dog or sister and I have to say I think she's just cool.  My favorite part of this mini stylista is her fancy "ooo la la". So, when our smallest new client said she wanted a room fit for Fancy Nancy, I was soooo ecstatic (that's a fancy word for happy).  

We painted her walls a fancy green with extra large flowers.  Made a custom bed with gorgeous curvy lines and added the uber fancy details, ala Cheap Thrills Decor.


Her bath suite also got the royal treatment with painted tiaras and French vocabulary painted right on the walls.  We added a little bedazzling for added poshness. "ooo la la" painted right above the potty is well  ooo la la!

Her play room is absolutely sublime with lilac walls, embellished window 
treatments (painted) and wall decor fit for only the fanciest girl in the land!  Nancy has nothing on this girl!!

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